Work with various types of information in one easy to access outline format.  
Create outlines that contain multiple sets of information.

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"We thought we could handle our needs with just a simple note taking application. SmartOutline addresses the critical need to collect all types of information and reuse it in other applications." - David Thain

"SmartOutline is on the right path to handle information overload. Our research team uses it to share thousands of links and forms everyday." - Susan Carmen

"Frankly, I'm most impressed by is your responsiveness to a user - also SmartOutline seems very robust and well engineered - the operations using it worked as expected and very fast" - Ian Goldsmid, GE Healthcare

"I looked for an application like this for years. I've tried many, many note tools, but they were too one dimensional for my needs. I was able to sketch, use HTML forms, which in my mind is just brilliant." - Chris

"The customer service and support I have received from far exceeds what I have received from other businesses online. Hands down, SmartOutline provides a high quality product, at a fair price and great customer support service. Thank you respectfully." - Monte Simpson

"I use it everyday to track my ideas" - Mark Duncan

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Collect, secure and share your outline information.  
Keep everyone on the same page, create and share team wide information in one outline document.

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