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SmartOutline Update Notice



Update Log
Date Update / Recommendation
7/17/2010 New Export Feature: 
  • SmartOutline + PDF Export = Smiles
6/17/2010 Update: 
  • Faster outline engine
12/15/2009 Tested, Passed & Supports: 
  • Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
5/12/2009 New Features & Add-in: 
  • Info Modeler (Beta) - Flag model nodes with various icons
  • Password Bin (Beta) - New Add-in; now you have a secure place to enter your passwords
4/30/2009 New Features: 
  • Calendar & Tabbed Notes - New Insert Hyperlink feature under the tools button
4/08/2009 New Features: 
  • Web browser Add-in- new auto title lock feature
  • Tabbed Notes - New Insert HTML feature under the tools button
1/04/2009 Update : 
  • Calendar Output with Info Portal

This update only effects Calendar and Info Portal users.


12/01/2008 New Feature Info Portal: 

New Show TOC "Table of Contents" feature added. This feature will not only allow outline items to be found alphabetically, but the TOC may be submitted to search engines like Google to make the outline content searchable from the internet.


9/28/2008 Update : 
  • Checklist, Tabbed Notes - improved state management
  • Core Application - improved load time
  • Both add-ins and core application only required to save when necessary


8/26/2008 Update : Checklist
  • Fix : Delete key only removes selected text while editing text


7/4/2008 Update : Drawing Tool
  • Change line style button type


6/22/2008 Update : Checklist
  • Fix - percentage title accurately reflects items list


6/10/2008 Update : Info Modeler ( BETA )
  • Added 2 new outputs ( Text Tree, Text tree from Node)
  • Added new additional copy to clipboard format


5/23/2008 Update : Info Modeler ( BETA )
  • Small update to help preserve checked state


5/03/2008 SmartOutline 2010 - Tested and Running on Vista 32 and 64 bit


3/28/2008 Fix and Updates SmartOutline 2010
  • Items deleted when renaming
  • RSS Manager - improved engine from handling malformed RSS feeds
  • HTML Forms - updated form builder


11/04/2007 Update : Info Portal
  • Improve HTML output


10/17/2007 New Feature
  • Reorder Tabbed Notes with drag - n drop


10/6/2007 Updates & New Features
  • Word Count feature added to Tabbed Notes and Calendar
  • Improved URL launch from Tabbed Notes and Calendar


6/8/2007 Updates & New Add-in
  • New Add-in - Attach a web browser to your outline.
  • Info Portal & HTML Help Add-in - Handles direct URL links from outline
5/28/2007 Updates
  • Info Portal - Handles non-English characters
  • New Search improvements - Search solely by category
  • Category feature - maintains running category list during sessions
5/11/2007 SmartOutline HTML Form Page Update : Issue_Tracking.htm
  • Unused script causing errors on tablet PC

Download new html form page here and place into forms directory.

3/1/2007 * NEW Free Community Mode
  • No more demo time limits
  • Use SmartOutline absolutely free


2/14/2007 RSS News Manager - FIXED Update from 2/8/2007
  • Improved RSS XML format detection and validation.


1/21/2007 HTML Forms Performance Improvements
1/19/2007 Performance Improvement
  • SmartOutline application - redesigned internal IO features that provide more access speed
  • Fixed pasted nodes / undo combination behavior
1/1/2007 New Features for the NEW YEAR!
  • RSS Manager - Auto sort by date, improved drag and drop, easily rename items with double click, view RSS XML from source and less rigid on malformed RSS feeds.
  • HTML Forms - New custom field feature for creating forms
  • SmartOutline application - improved sorting feature, better item positioning during move, undo and redo operations
12/20/2006 New Features
  • Save / Load Info Portal Configuration
  • Calendar html output is improved
12/18/2006 Tabbed Notes - Fix
  • Fixed minor Bold tag that only shows during HTML export or Save As operations. This tag was not closed. Therefore some export results may have showed the entire page bold or strong.


12/14/2006 New Info Portal Features
  • New color and style features that allow full customization over look and feel.


12/07/2006 Improvements and New Info Portal Features
  • SmartOutline EXE Optimizations
  • New 'at Save' temp file to further protect data loss from power loss or unexpected computer shut downs
  • Info Portal features a new Style sheet, header and footer support for exports pages


11/24/2006 Minor FIX - Issue only seen by IE7 users

Issue caused by installation of IE7. When users clicked 'Samples' on the startup screen from a computer with IE7 installed. It would display an error. This was caused in a change from IE6 to 7.

We have corrected this issue.

11/23/2006 Minor Improvement
  • Blank Place Holder - Title
New *
  • Blank Place Holder - Organize items using a simple place holder.
  • FIXED URL launching for non-English US workstations
  • Improved shutdown process
  • Active memory management option. See advanced settings
  • Info Portal navigation background color has been set to white
  • Improved internal processes that provide more speed and performance advantages.
Minor Improvement
  • FIXED : Tabbed Notes focus issue. When the subject box was clicked the workspace didn't get focus, therefore possibly causing the node to delete if your were editing text in the subject box using the "Delete" key.
Minor Improvement
  • FIXED : Internet Settings Options, previously didn't show on some computers
Minor Improvement
  • Improved Spell Check, now even faster
Minor Improvement
  • Improved minor theme color calculation
Upgrade :
  • Removed dependency on Flash Player.
Upgrade :
  • Removed redundant export types i.e. Excel 95, Excel Workbook
  • Fixed Export to Microsoft Access
  • Fixed Export error when exporting from top node

(New)  SmartOutline HTML Help Builder :

Export SmartOutline documents to Microsoft HTML Help Workshop project


7/01/2006 Upgrade :
  • Checklist single click add item feature
  • RSS clock time zone issue ( fixed )  previously some computers didn't show the entire RSS workspace.
6/17/2006 Update  : Isolated license issues. This update is not significant if your application is already licensed

Located and fixed issues for users with hard drives that don't emit a drive id. This may have caused issues for these computers only when attempting to license SmartOutline. If you application is already licensed then you did not experience this issue.

6/4/2006 New Applications  :
  • (New) SmartOutline Add-in Builder Wizard - for Developers
5/15/2006 Upgrade :
  • (New) Search Feature - Advanced search options locates all items then allows instant preview
  • HTML Form - improvements, New Form Builder wizard enhancements
4/23/2006 Upgrade :
  • Active Memory Management - lowers memory consumption by 95%!
  • Improved Performance - increased by 20%
  • Backup-file sequence fixed
  • Export Excel - fixed; previously if all data could not be exported, the excel application was left open.
  • Unhandled error capture, report and continue working without any loss of data
4/8/2006 Addins :

Drawing - * New Text with transformation feature
Link Library - ( performance ) improve speed on exit
RSS Manager - Improved tree rename feature
3/5/2006 Addins :

RSS New Manager - More preset Feeds to choose from
HTML Forms - New Form Builder wizard
3/4/2006 Website :

Added new system requirements support information.

We previously overlooked the Flash Player dependency. Please review the latest system requirements if you experienced any issues with SmartOutline products.

2/26/2006 Upgrade :

Installed soft-single click rename

Added MS Outlook style issue report handler for errors should they occur.

2/21/2006 Alert! Alert!

All SmartOutline users. If you have downloaded a versions of our software of from sites other than such as (CNET), please uninstall them and download fresh versions immediately. We have found that these sites are not maintaining fresh versions of our software which have resulted in faulty installations. 

Thank you
2/20/2006 *(New) SmartOutline 2007 released!
  • 75 feature enhancements
  • 5 performance improvements
  • Risk Management Add-in
  • RSS News Managers
  • Single document / Multi-user support
2/5/2006 *(New) SmartOutline 2007a pre-release


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