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SmartOutline Proxy Help

If your company or home network uses a proxy server to access the internet, you will need to enter the required credentials to license and update SmartOutline products.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may find these settings by opening the 'Internet Options...' located under the 'Tools' menu. Then select 'Connections'. Then press 'LAN Settings'. Locate the proxy server setting group box. If the 'Advanced' button is enabled, you may select it to view other proxy address and port settings for other protocols as well.

Also if the network requires additional username, password and domain credentials to access the internet, you should additionally complete the network credentials.

Users : Do not change any settings within your browser or computer that was not originally set by you. It is recommended that you press cancel to exit any open dialog boxes when reviewing proxy settings within Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is also recommended that you always consult an technical administrator if you are not experienced in these task.

Administrators: Be sure to add to your approved proxy domain list otherwise the proxy feature will not be able to reach our servers. This holds true for any vendors' domain that has provided add-ins for SmartOutline. In other words, if vendor#1 has add-in updates located at, then you should add to your approved domain list in addition to


Proxy Settings Term
Use Proxy Settings Determines if SmartOutline uses the proxy settings. If this features is unchecked, SmartOutline will automatically attempt to use the default proxy settings available within Internet Explorer.

The automatic detection feature will not detect any dynamic settings that are generated from script run by Internet Explorer, from automatic configuration entries, or from DHCP or DNS lookups.
Address Sets the address of the proxy server. (Required)
Example : or
Port Sets the port number on Host to use. (Required)
Example : 21 or 888
Copy From IE This feature copies settings from Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher. If the proxy settings are disabled or nonexistent within IE a notice will display.

Network Credentials Term
Username Sets the user name associated with the network credentials.
( This setting may be not be required. )
Password Sets the password for the user name associated with the network credentials.
( This setting may be not be required. )
Domain Sets the domain or computer name that verifies the network credentials.
( This setting may be not be required. )


If you you require additional help consult your administrator or contact SmartOutline technical support.

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